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It is so good to have vacation because I can finally work at #Tappetina

  • I have played in the story as an audiobook with synthetic voice
  • I have rewritten the whole story and organized it in four scenes and played fragments of the story with my voice (in English, not very beautiful accent, but may be better than the synthetic one?)
  • I have specified the first prototype of the game
  • Reorganized the website a bit  and colored some of the drawings made by Irene

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Tappetina: mentor or mentee?

Tappetina Presentation for the first event  The Postdoc Action,  Quality Hotel Augustin in Trondheim, Wednesday 29 November – duration 15 min.

lesson learnt after years with Art and Technology events

To reconstruct I should look, read what I and my co-authors have written at scholar, my blog, these pictures archive, and all the evaluations. Here some reflections:

  • children always impress me with their creativity, intelligence, ability to cooperate
  • assistants are also very motivated and they find solutions to the many challenges that arise each time
  • Scratch is a great tool
  • if you want to have an artistic component, artists should be heavily involved.
  • we mix art, programming, learning, research and we are not enough aware (at least I am not) of the complexity.
  • when we “use” people as subjects we should be extremely careful to be clear about the goals and communicate them well (also to children)
  • Scratch now in 2017 is main stream and if the goal is to inspire we should aim at something that children have not experienced before
  • the same apply to art, we should impress them with something that is a bit new to them
  • we should always ask and re-ask what is the goal: do we want to inspire? to teach? to evaluate? to recruit? to teach teachers? to be visible in the public debate?