Episode 2 – board work


  • sharing
  • peace
  • technology (the flighting mat as a metaphore and contrast to the person feeling as a mat)
  • leadership
  • life & work?

The airliner is flying over the Alps toward north. Tappetina cries, sobs, and laughs at the same time.
The engineer sitting at her side does not manage to work at her powerpoint presentation, her Christian values of helping people are stronger than her hardworking and ambituous ones.
She imagines that this old woman has been to a funeral, or may be she is traveling to assist somebody who is very sick.
She gets very surprised when he passes her a handkerchief and asks her “how is going?” and she starts to tell.
“I have not been to Torino for 20 years. The last time I came here flighting on my flighting mat, my little child was one year old, and now he is finishing high school. A life has passed.”
The young woman, visibly an engineer asks “were you already flighting the e-mat 20 years ago?”. “Yes, 30 years ago in fact, I am part of the team who designed the flighting mat in the 90’s”.
Tappetina stops crying and in her eyes, behind wrinkles and tears, the light appear again.
The young woman asks “Do you know professor Felici? Are you Tappetina? I cannot believe it, I have read and heard so much of you”.  “Of course” Tappetina replies “I am Tappetina”. She adds “I have cried many tears for the mat as you know, but it is not because of the mat I cry now, or may be we should say I was crying. I had a Norwegian friend, he told me once that you can feel pity for your self one day, but not two”.

“Why were you crying then Tappetina? what did you bring you to Torino?” The woman adds. “And my name is Luisa Macario, I work for Avventure”.
“What a coincidence” Tappetina replies “Or may be it is not a coincidence since 10% of Torino population works for Avventure. I sit in the board of Avventure you know”. The young womand looks confused. “Do not worry, I do not the names of those sitting in the board of my university and not even the names of the ministries in my new country”. Tappetina adds.