Sounds and English Improved Text


Scene:  Before the Mission @Tappetina’s home audio
Tappetina attended nun’s religious school and her first role models were the Saints.
Tappetina has a Degree in Physics, but she insists that she doesn’t understand a lot about bank accounts, she lets her husband deal with it, or her dad, or someone else.
Tappetina cooks gigantic lunches and dinners for dozens of people, staining pans and dishes. When she is on her own, she is eats an orange standing right over the bin so not to make a mess.
Each Tuesday, Tappetina meets her girlfriends and they gossip around. Tappetina wants to be good, but she lacks the trust in herself so she gets angry, she talks behind people’s backs, she whines, she is jealous, she tells lies and she is rather dorky. Tappetina sometimes does not trust her friends either and believes that everyone is mean.
The favourite gossip target of Tappetina and her girlfriends is Doory Mentor. Doory Mentor knows what she wants and doesn’t waste time in tittle-tattle. Sometimes Doory Mentor is cold while Tappetina and her  friends are nice and they smile and they’re always ready to help, they know how to cook well and they can be very funny.
Very few people know that Doory Mentor has helped many inventors to succeed and saved many inventions, that were in danger to be forget or even stolen.


Scene: Before the Mission @ Sissi’s Lab
Sissi, one of Tappetina’s friends has developed an algorithm that can eliminate all garbage from Earth. An algorithm is a detailed step-by-step instruction set for solving a problem. Sissi’s algorithm is a recipe for transforming garbage step by step into energy. 
Sissi is a caring mother, great intelligence and she is not aware of the geniality of her invention.
There is a picture on the lab wall of the great team who invented the flying mat. In the 90’s Tappetina used to work in the lab as a PhD student and she worked in the team, led by professor Felici. The team developed a prototype for an invention, a flying mat, activated and controlled by a PC. Felici and some of the team members moved to California and they sold the patent of the invention to the Fiasco Enterprise.
An invention is a new solution to a problem by help of technology. Examples of invention are: the electric light bulb, the flying mat of Tappetina, and the anti-garbage algorithm of Sissi.
A patent is a document that certifies who is the inventor of an invention. Inventors of the the flying mat was the whole team lead by professor Felici, but the patent did not specify all the team members. Tappetina was not mentioned in the patent document, that is why she did not earn anything when the patent was sold, even if the first prototype of the flying mat was developed mainly by Tappetina and it is still in her hands. The mat can reach a speed of 10.000 Km/hour, that is 100 times faster than a car.


Scene: First part of mission (From the sky over Italy)
Tappetina silently gets out of the house to go to work without wearing any makeup after having prepared Leti, Eli, Betta and Lalla, her little four nieces that live with her. Inside the elevator, she turns into Doory Mentor, mascara, lipstick and Armani pant dress. Doory Mentor is on a special mission to Norway.
Doory Mentor has to arrive in time to save her friend and the algorithm before someone steals it. Doory Mentor has two apps opened on her black-leathered special computer. On one app, she monitors the current situation in Sissi’s laboratory. Through the other app, Doory concentrates on Iva Aggressi’s.
Doory Mentor leaves Pisa. 2599 km separates her from Sissi’s lab. Doory Mentor can use Tappetina’s fiber-optic flying mat and the computer says that it will take 26 minutes to reach the destination.
Doory Mentor flies above the sea, she spots Tirrenia and the Arno on the horizon. She thinks she could break the rules and fly above the leaning tower of Pisa at least once. It would delay her trip few seconds.
Doory Mentor flights above the leaning tower. Then, she turns north west and flies over the Mediterranean sea. Tappetina breaths and the sea air fills Doory Mentor with happiness and energy. Suddenly, a strange sound interrupts the idyll.  Tappetina’s dorky mobile phone rings all wrapped up with tappetina’s clothes inside the bag. Doory Mentor grabs it. The display says “KINDERGARTEN”.
Betta, Tappetina’s little niece has a fever, someone must go to pick her up at the kindergarten within 15 minutes, before the other kids go to swim class. It only takes one second for Doory Mentor to call Uncle Tappetino, he answers: “Tappetina I’m in the middle of a meeting, I’ll call you in an hour!” And he hangs the phone. Doory Mentor has no choice. She calls the kindergarten:” Hello, it’s Tappetina, Betta’s aunt, a friend of mine will come collect her. Her name is Doory Mentor. Just make sure Betta is ready to go”.
Doory Mentor turns and heads towards Pisa. ”Go Pisa Betta kindergarten” she says to the PC. The PC executes everything: it opens to Google maps, finds the kindergarten and lets Doory Mentor get off. Soon, Doory Mentor and Betta flies over La Spezia and the Cinque Terre. This time Doory Mentor cannot enjoy the landscape so she uses her imagination to picture the breath-taking Path of Love in Cinque Terre. The mat flies over the Alps. At a speed of 10.000 Km/hours, Germany and Denmark look very small and it is now impossible to distinguish one city from another.  




Scene: Main Mission from the sky over Norway
Betta is playing with the PC; it’s the only way to keep her busy and to avoid her falling down from the flying mat. Doory Mentor cannot be sure Betta will not push any wrong button that could accidentally damage the connection between the flying mat and the PC.

The flying mat is now above the fjord of Oslo. Doory cannot avoid to think back to the first time she came to Norway many years ago, but it is not time for nostalgy.

In a tiny window, hidden by Betta’s game, Doory Mentor sees that Iva Aggressi is 55,2 km from the target – the research lab where Sissi works.

Iva is a dangerous person for herself and for other people, because she is aggressive and attracts a lot of negative attention. Iva Aggressi drives on the motorway, directed to Trondheim, with a  young man by her side. He always agrees with what Iva says. Iva has the goal of stealing the anti-garbage algorithm that Sissi is developing.
Doory Mentor has one precise goal on her mind: she has to save the anti-garbage algorithm. By rescuing it, she will save humanity from the garbage.
If Doory will save the anti-garbage algorithm, she will also save her  friend Sissi. Sissi will get the recognition she deserves and she will be saved from the fear common to many women, the fear of never being good enough. Doory has to arrive to Sissi before Iva and according to Doory’s PC, Iva is 25 minutes away from the target, since she is entering the city from North and she has to cross the city at peak time.
Sissi prepares the last test. It’s 12 pm and she has only 30 minutes left before lunch break. Not much of a break to be honest, because during lunch break Sissi goes home to cook for her son and to give the babysitter some instructions.
Sissi inserts a sample of garbage into the driver. She selects the most disgusting and gross garbage. She studies the algorithm for the last time, she compiles it and then she starts the system. The execution will last 9 minutes.
Sissi waits and while she is waiting, Sissi looks at social media, to relax and to check what’s happening around the world. The messages in the region Piemonte are unanimous: “Doory Mentor is back! Doory Mentor is on the Langhe. Doory Mentor has arrived in Trondheim”. “Yeah, Doory Mentor!” thinks Sissi with tears in her eyes.
Sissi looks inside of her bag for her lipstick and mirror. Sissi looks at herself and smiles, she stares at the phone display and tells herself:” Good luck Sissi, the garbage will be removed from the earth”. Sissi now believes that the algorithm is going to work, she is positive about it.
Iva’s friend is also connected to social media. He reads tweets and texts about Doory: “Doory Mentor is above Trondheim”. Iva realizes that her friend is not listening to her and asks:” What are you doing? Who are you typing to?”. “I’m not doing anything,” answers the miserable” It seems that Doory Mentor is in the sky above Trondheim”.
Iva Aggressi is so furious she cannot see. Just hearing the word Doory Mentor and she is crazy. She lights up a cigarette, turns on the radio, checks on her mobile phone, all while driving and yelling. She doesn’t look where she is going; she parks the car and gets off. Once again, she uses the meanest and ugliest words to her poor  friend. He does his best to console her, but Iva is defeated by the fact that Doory has reached the lab and she is protecting Sissi and the algorithm.
Betta has fallen asleep, but she looks sick though. Doory Mentor has inserted the autopilot so she can work on her PC. Doory Mentor studies Iva Aggressi, auto destroyed by her hysterical crisis and by the pathetic  friend’s attempts to make her regain consciousness. Doory Mentor observes Sissi, who is about to open the garbage driver.
Sissi celebrates with an “Yes!” and without hesitation she published her algorithm open source on social media. Sissi goes under the table and disconnect the PC  and she unplugs it and puts it in her Mary Poppins never-full bag.
To publish an algorithm open source means that you make it available for everybody to use it without regulating it by a patent.  


Scene: after the mission @home of Tappetina
Doory Mentor goes back home in Pisa. In the elevator, she lays sleepy Betta on the floor, she changes her clothes, walks inside the house, gives Betta an aspirin and puts her in bed.
The mission has lasted an hour, because now her dorky grey mobile phone rings. It’s Uncle Doormaid who rings as after exactly one hour as he announced in the previous telephone call. His meeting has ended so he calls Tappetina back. Tappetina tells him not to worry: Betta has a fever, but she is fast asleep in her bed. Everything is under control. “Sure, I can stay home. I didn’t have anything important to do today, anyway…”