Høstferie 2017

The workshop was run 12th and 13th of October at Trondheim Folkebibliotek.

We had in total 18 participants: 8 fantastic girls who developed interactive games. PhD Sofia Papavlasopoulou who designed the research framework. Master student Marjeris Sofia Romero who explained the workshop, Scratch, and much more. Artist Irene Dominguez who produced the artistic support (available). Master Student Mimi Nguyen and three more Kodeløypa assistants supervised the girls and collected data for our research. From the library, fantastic Zeljko Vucic helped with his experience and generosity.
Sindre Berntsen Skarås and I presented the story.
The support from Trondheim Municipality was used to pay the artist. All the other costs were supported by NTNU IDI, Excited, and Artec.

We thank all from our heart.