Games, culture, and science for Boys and Girls – 19th February

The event was run with 35 participants. We are now in the process of analyzing the data. I add here the picts that I have the rights to show in an open way.

Where = Gunnerus Library
When = 19 February from 10 to 14
Phone = 91897028, 93693091

Program:  Lectures (10-11) – Games (11-13) – Reflections (13-14)

The event is partly sponsored by NTNU ARTEC, Trondheim Kommune,  Gunnerus Library, and IDI NTNU. It t will be organized as an International Conference for teenagers. Parents and educators also welcome. It will offer dissemination speeches about science and culture by International researchers and artists from Japan and Europe and NTNU professors and Master students; practical activities in which the teen agers will try state of the art games and experience developed by the researchers and artists.
The event will go on in English, so the prerequisite is to master the English language.
Some refreshments will be served.

All those who are attending this event, please confirm your participation sending the full name of all participants and a contact phone number to:

We are looking for assistants for the Tappetina event Game, Culture, and Science 19.2 (First Day in Winter Break /Vinterferie).
You must be at least 16 years old. Your tasks are:
– Attend an information meeting 12. February from 16.00 to 18.00 – mandatory
– Recruit participants (13-19 years) for the event at your school and among your friends and family
– Attend the event and help from 9:00 to 14:30 (examples of tasks are: take pictures and videos; help with technology support; help with logistics)
You get 1000 Kr and a certificate that you can use in later job applications. Send an application in English or Norwegian to with subject “Assistant job application”.

The application must contain:
– Full name
– Age
– School
– Contact mobile number

– Why you are interested to get this job

Information about the games and  installations

  • NOVELICA ( Nobumitsu Shikine – Japan) is a game to make people forget their negative feelings on mathematics
  • Leo con Lula (Javier Gomez Escribano – Spain) is a game that facilitates learning of reading skills for those with disabilities.
  • UMI-Sci-Ed (Monica Divitini and Simone Mora – Italy) (Exploiting Ubiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing and the Internet of Things to promote Science Education) is a Horizon 2020 project, which aims at enhancing the attractiveness of science education and careers for young people (14-16 year olds) via the use of latest technologies.
  • Ark4 (Alexandra Angeletaki – Greece) is a digital heritage library of games and quizzes that allow young students to learn while they play. Our games have subjects as archaeology, history, botany, literature, war history and are produced in three languages. Ark4 is exploring new ways to approach culture and heritage re-using digital content from the Cultural Heritage sector, mainly deriving from or Europeana and other libraries to reach a wider audience through knowledge games. More here
  • Sindre Berntsen Skarås Tappetina’s Empathy is a game about exploring everyday stories and problems together. Players collaborate on telling a narrative that resembles modern social situations with the aim of playing with empathy and fantasy. The end goal is the same as the original Tappetina story: to learn about humans, social roles, and personal motivations
  • An installation by Irene Dominguez – Spain, Norway – an ecosystem to stimulate curiosity about science, innovation, and empathy